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For Teachers:

Newspapers in Education: This link allows you access to the Newspapers in Education page. Click on the “Teachers” link in the upper left-hand corner of the page. Remember, the teaching guide Citizens Together: You and Your Newspaper is always available in the library.

Virtual Field Trips: Here you will find a list of sites that feature virtual field trips. There is also information and ideas on those sites that will help you create your own virtual field trips. – Research This site is great for students of all ages for research purposes. It was created specifically for children, so there should be no worries regarding inappropriate content. All subjects are featured and the site also includes an online dictionary, atlases, encyclopedia, almanacs, timelines, analogies and vocabulary word of the day among many other features.

Reading Series: McGraw Hill This site offers additional activities that students can do that will correlate with the reading program. Some activities may be done using the computer.

Discovery Education
This site offers lesson plans, puzzle makers, a free clip art gallery, along with many other resources. You may even create your own customized classroom where you can save what you use from the site.

Reading is Fundamental This site provides teachers with tips, activities, lesson plans, and recommended books to help children become life-long readers. Also audio stories that display and highlight the written words so that children can read along with the stories (great for beginning readers)!

United Streaming This site features quality streaming video in all subject areas from several reputable companies in the education field.

National Education Association This site offers several resources including lesson plans and a Teacher Toolkit.

Tennessee Education Association The site offers a wide variety of resources and ideas for teachers to use.

Tennessee State Standards This site gives information on teaching standards in the state of Tennessee in the various subject areas.