6 years ago

The 4th – 8th Grade teachers have decided to start giving Semester Exams. One will be prior to Winter Break and the other will be prior to Summer Break.  These exams will be cumulative in nature covering all the information from August to December for the Fall Semester and January to May for the Spring Semester.  The test will count double of a normal test in each classroom.

Semester Exam Exemption Policy:

1.       Each class counts individually.  A student is allowed 3 absences from each class.  3 tardies or early sign outs equal 1 absence.

2.       Grades 4-6 Science and Social Studies attendance will be taken for both classes and added up.

3.       The student must have at least a “C” average in the class they are seeking to be exempt from. 

4.       If the student meets the above criteria in all their classes, their last day will be December 15th.

5.       Monday December 18th -  Will be the English and Social Studies Exams.

6.       Tuesday December 19th – Will be the Math and Science Exams.

7.       Wednesday December 20th – Will be Make-up Day.

8.       Any missed exams after December 20th will be given on the next day the student is at school after Winter Break.


Testing dates for Spring Semester.

8th Graders—

1.       If they meet all the exemption policies for each of their classes, May 18th will be their Last day.

2.       May 15th- English and Social Studies Exams.

3.       May 16th - Math and Science Exams.

4.       May 17th – Make-up Day.

5.       May 18th -  8th Grade Promotion @ 9:00.  If a student is not exempt from testing and does not show up to take the exam, they will not be able to participate in 8th Grade Promotion.

4th – 7th Graders—

1.       May 21st—English and Social Studies Exams.

2.       May 22nd – Math and Science Exams.

3.       May 23rd – Make-up Exam Day.

4.       Any missed exams after May 23rd. will be given by appointment in the office during the summer.

Thank you!

Brian Trammell