Etowah City Coordinated School Health

Our mission for Coordinated School Health at the Etowah City School System is to emphasize the development of the "whole child" in our educational process and community. Health education and student wellness is a must in the proper development of today's youth. With health and stress related issues confronting an ever increasing number of our students we can no longer ignore the need to promote proper nutrition, healthy lifestyles and proper social and emotional development. We as educators and leaders must promote the eight components of Coordinated School Health to help in the overall academic success of our students. Coordinator of School Health Rex Phelps

A School Wellness plan is available to the public on the school website. The Health Plan is reviewed and updated by the School Health Advisory Council. The council consist of individuals representing the school and community, including parents, students, teachers, school administrators, health professionals, school food service representatives, and members of the public.

School Health

Diane White is the District Coordinator for Coordinated School Health she can be reached at or by phone at 423-263-5483.