School Counselor/Guidance

Hello, Etowah City Family! I am Mrs. Zabo and it has been my greatest pleasure to be Etowah City's school counselor. I have an undeniable passion for student growth academically, socially, and emotionally and have enjoyed being a part of the growth of all our students at Etowah City. My desire is to provide students, families, and the Etowah City community with support, strategies, and resources that promote the growth and academic success for all our students.

Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement:

My mission is to empower every student to maximize their social, educational, and career potential while cultivating productive citizens and lifelong learners, through the development of communication, critical thinking, and self-advocacy.

My Vision:

My vision is to foster a positive self-image while promoting a safe, nurturing, and progressive learning environment in which all students, regardless of background, feel supported and valued. I believe that every student can succeed through the collaborative efforts of school, home, and the community leading to responsible and productive citizenship in an ever-evolving society.